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Mise En Scène

I'm really excited about the idea of making movies for the first time. Making a movie is a challenging and rewarding process from the first idea to the finished product.

One of the things that I love most about filmmaking is the collaborative nature of the process. Filmmaking is not a solitary endeavor, but rather a team effort that requires the contributions of many different people. From the actors and actresses who bring the characters to life, to the writers who craft the script, to the editors who piece together the final product, every member of the film crew plays a vital role in the process. I enjoy being part of a team and working together with others towards a common goal, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of watching the final product and knowing that you were a part of something special.

But for me, these challenges are all part of the fun. I enjoy the process of problem-solving and finding creative solutions to the various challenges that come my way. I believe that it is through facing and overcoming these challenges that we grow as artists and as human beings.  Filmmaking is my passion. It is a medium that allows me to be creative, to collaborate with others, and to tell stories that have the power to move and inspire. Despite the challenges that come with it, I would not trade the experience of making a film for anything in the world. 



Youtube CNY Shorties


A commision job for a YouTube Channel promoting Chinese New Year.

Hak Untuk Gembira

Writer / Director / Videographer

Documentary PSA commision job to make awareness to primary and secondary students in Putrajaya on Mental Health.

Clientele: Persatuan Pendidik Putrajaya


Feature Film

Meranduk Geruh Di Kaki Langit

Producer / Writer / Director

MEGAT, an underworld undercover who investigates crimes in shadow married SARAH. He then was given a task to get inside into the organized crime that was being lead by BORON. Inside the gang, MEGAT met TOMBOT, his long-lost childhood friend whois the right hand man for Boron and Tombot is a lone ranger with no rules. 



Short Film

Sarah Marah

Producer / Writer / Director

SARAH a housewife with education sacrificed her future in the executive world for the sake of serving his husband AMIN who lately has an affair with other women that can helps him cover his debt. Knowing that she has been decept and her loves has been betray Sarah takes a drastic moves to checkmate the kings with his own steps. 



Producer / Writer / Director / Videographer

Rania whose parents are late at work had to stay all alone in their house and was brave enough to confront The Entity that had been messing up the community. 


Producer / Writer / Director / Videographer

Aduka, an ordinary village man, found that his parents had been killed. Being alone and grieving over the murder of his parents, Aduka traveled and studied martial arts. After a few years, Aduka graduated and returned to his hometown of Sungai Manggis and planned to take revenge on the Harimau Berantai.

Harimau Berantai have taken over the Sungai Manggis by seizing Temenggong power.

In order to restore the security of the Sungai Manggis, Aduka was willing to sacrifice himself. Aduka invades the palace and fights with the Harimau Berantai and restore the peace of the Sungai Manggis.

Five Chairs

Writer / Director / Videographer

Five mobsters are at an edge of deception when one of them the sixth member was reported dead. After Thorough investigation, the suspect narrows down to no one but one of themselves. Led by the BOSS, they agreed to meet in one isolated place and begin interrogating each other. 


Kita Menang!

Producer / Writer / Director / Videographer

Darwisy and his friends enter a futsal tournament, but the team do not has a coach. they manage to get Abang Awang to be their coach and win the tournament, but something happens on the day of the tournament. 

Kau Ada 3 Minit

Writer / Director / Videographer

A shorties about a dystopian world where people fight to death to live another day. This is written before the box-office movies of The Maze Runner & The Hunger Games. 

So you know where they got the idea.

Lambaian Marmara


No Information

Viva Palestina


No Information



Usin, Mon & Jin Pakai Toncet

Writer / Director / Videographer

Behind the scene commisioning job for a prolific film director, Mamat Khalid.

clientele: Naga VFX Sdn Bhd 

Uwei Shadows

Writer / Director / Videographer

Documentary commision job for a film made by Uwei Hj Saari entitled Hanyut.

Clientele: Tanah Licin Sdn Bhd 

New Zealand Qurbani / Udhiya

Writer / Director / Videographer

Documentary commision job for a cpmpany in New Zealand that offers qurbani/udhiya to muslims in New Zealand..

Clientele: Yayasan Dana Kebajikan Muslim Malaysia

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