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Every day, I'm a digital nomad in search of inspiration, love, and the truth. I know where time stops and marvels occur... In my book, I describe a world that most people do not perceive. If you wish to see it, close your eyes and listen, listen to the stanzas of my words and experiences.

You will feel as if time has stopped...

If you want to get to know me better, read my book and look at my creative work, and attempt to feel it for yourself. Every word's syllable has a tiny piece of myself. I can't picture my life without art and literature, and especially without Johor Bahru! I enjoy travelling and have visited many places when I was younger, but my heart still belongs to this wonderful land where I can live alone and write my book for you!

My Biography


Assalam! My name is Rozinor Razali and I'm JB - Malacca - KL - based digital nomad,  an independent thinker and strategist, a freelance filmmaker and a creative consultant who has worked with many CEOs, executives, and indiepreneurs who want to grow their personal and professional brands, human to human, through design thinking innovation.

After nearly two decades of working in the advertising and creative marketing industry for brands and startups, Rozinor learned what truly drives change in creative management, and how much you want to connect with the people you're trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.


I've always loved art and have never stopped doing it since I was a kid. I enjoy art, music, movies, literature, and poetry. It inspires and teaches me every time I read a book, watch a movie, listen to a music or visit a gallery. I began my writing career as a blogger, blogging about my creations. At the Kuala Lumpur Book Festival '22, I self-published a book of poetry, as well as a filmmaking tips and a housewife's memoir, and finished my first indie feature film, which had its premiere at a Roadshow in JB, Kuantan, Malacca, Tg. Malim and KL.

When a writer from Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka wrote about my digital work at the Dewan Budaya Magazines, a lot of things changed. I now reside in Melaka but work as a Digital Nomad while living a magical life.


Utmost of 2005: One Damnedes Art Assemblage was my debut book. It was assembled, written, and released in 2005. This book is a collection of digital works by me and a select group of invited artists from across the world. A 100-copy limited edition. After successfully releasing this book, I noticed the appearance of works from other collectives, and I departed from the group of independent publishers.

I've had a lot of feedback on this project thus far. Many people admire it, yet it has received a lot of criticism. But that's fine.) I value every reader's viewpoint. I hope that my future artistic career will be discussed as well.


I'm now working on my next book as well as the screenplay for my second indie feature. I hope it will be published next year, and that my independent film will be able to gather enough funding to create it. Aside from writing, I am involved in a variety of projects, meet with writers and filmmakers, blog about my cinema observations, archetypes &  structured storytelling, screenwriting, and production workshop, just to share my expertise and experience.

In addition, I am the founder of an independent film festival that has been running since 2020. Rozinorazali & Co, the collective I founded in 2013, has three unique departments focusing on Design, Video Production, Training and Consultancy.

As a member of the Film Directors Association Malaysian  and the Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia, I am always up for doing something out of my comfort zone.


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